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MDN's mission is simple: provide developers with the information they need to easily build projects on the open Web.

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The MDN Web Docs have been the place to go for open web API documentation since 2017. The project itself began in 2005 when it built upon (whatever was still useful and relevant of) Netscape's DevEdge content.

The year 2017 is relevant though because it was at this point in MDN's history when they 'doubled-down' on the work of creating 'a world class repository of high quality web documetation' - their original post about this is here. Later in 2017 there are posts from both Microsoft and Google, in which they both commit to making the MDN Docs the best place to go for web API reference.

You can also see Mozilla's post here, detailing that Microsoft, Google, Mozilla, Samsung and the W3C are working together on this project.

The MDN Web Docs provide users with clear, accessible and comprehensive documentation, articles and tutorials for HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Web APIs. In providing this content the site supports Mozilla's mission which is to 'keep the internet open and accessible to all'.

The platform itself relies on the web being open and accessible to all - it would not be possible without the work of many volunteers over the years, and the project is open source. It encourages contributions and improvements from those new to the project, and those with more experience of open source contributions.